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 In an effort to provide the utmost standard for our visitors, the City of Panama City Beach would like to provide clarity and understanding of the requirements for vacation rental properties in Panama City Beach. Below, we have listed several national, state and local regulations that you will find helpful for your rental property. Click here to see the notice.



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  • Flags and Banners

    • How many flags or banners are allowed to be displayed in front of a business?

      A business may display three (3) flags of these two sizes, (5x5 or 4x8).  One banner measuring 32 square feet.  A banner must obtain a banner permit in the amount of ten ($10.00) dollars through the Building Department. 
  • Grass

    • Is my neighbor's grass too high?

      A violation occurs once grass exceeds twelve (12) inches in height on improved lots or eighteen (18) inches on unimproved lots.
  • Parking

    • What can be done about my neighbor parking their vehicle and watercraft near the street?

      Parking in the right-of-way is not prohibited unless posted with a sign from the applicable governmental agency or the vehicle is positioned such that public safety is compromised.  
  • Trash

    • Is it a violation for my neighbor to store assorted materials outside of their home?

      It is a violation to accumulate rubbish, trash, junk, or other abandoned materials, metal, lumber or things outside of a home.  
    • What can be done about my neighbor's overflowing trash can?

      Property owners are required to keep their properties free of litter and may only leave their trash can at the street on the day of the service.
    • Where can I place my trash can for pick-up if I live along Front Beach Road or Oleander Drive?

      If you live along these two streets your trash containers are no longer permitted to be visible to pedestrians standing within the right-of-way.  Please click here to view Ordinance 1316 pertaining to the proper placement location of trash containers along these two streets.
  • Tree Limb Overhang

    • What can I do about my neighbor's tree limb(s) hanging over my fence?

      There are no regulations restricting the spread of trees over property lines.  Such matters usually must be addressed between the affected neighbors. 
  • Turtle Lighting

    • Does my home, condo unit, or business require turtle lighting?

      If your home, condominium unit, or business is located south of Front Beach Road it requires turtle lighting fixtures.  Please go to for more information.  
  • Vehicle

    • Can my neighbor have an old vehicle stored in their driveway?

      Vehicles and any other machinery that remains outside must be in good, safe, and usable condition.  Vehicles must have a current tag on the vehicle.