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All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf) through repository for the Agendas, Minutes and results. To view a specific Resolution, please click on the following links.

Res 17-86, Shaddai Shrine Temple Spring Ceremonial Parade

Res 17-85, Budget Amendment 29 for Ramundsen Public Sector Sungard Application Svc Provider Renewal Agreement
Res 17-84, Jeep Beach Jam Parade Road Closures
Res 17-83, Opposing Vacation Rental Legislation
Joint Opposition to Vacation Rental Legislation
Solis Opposition to Vacation Rental Legislation
Res 17-82, Neopost Mail Processing Equipment Lease
Res 17-81,  Vacant Land Acquisition, Dorothy M Roberts, corner Long John Drive & Treasure Circle for Grand Lagoon Sewer Project
Res 17-80, Transportation Network Vehicle License Fees     FAILED FOR LACK OF SECOND
Res 17-79, Vacant Land Acquisition Saverio Vacation Rentals,216 Lakeshore Dr, Laguna Beach Svc Area Lift Station Site #1
Res 17-78, Bid Award- Frank Brown Park Concrete Repair
Res 17-77, Replacement Police Vehicle & Budget Amendment 24
Res 17-76, Updated Sungard Application Svc Provider Agreement
Res 17-75, Conservation Park Biological Monitoring, MSA Tetra Tech Task Order 6
Res 17-74, Bid Award-Fleet Vehicle Monitoring System, Synovia
Res 17-73, Nuisance Abatement Lien, 133 Manistee Dr
Res 17-72, Nuisance Abatement Lien, 115 N Vestavia St
Res 17-71, Nuisance Abatement Lien, 110 Pearl Ave
Res 17-70, Bid Award- landscape Maintenance Services   DID NOT GO FORWARD
Res 17-69, Emergency Gravity Sewer Main Repair
Res 17-68, Sea Oats Drainage Imprv Project, MSA McNeil Carroll Engr Task Order #2017-01
Res 17-67, Renewal Russell-Fields Pier Sovereignty Submerged Lands Lease
Res 17-66, Opposing Repeal of 1% Merchants Business Tax & Home Rule
Res 17-65,  Bid Award- Library Condensing Unit Repair & Budget Amendment 23
Res 17-64, 
Res 17-63,  Gulf Power Storm Staging Site Agreement for Frank Brown Park
Res 17-62,  Emerald Coast Cruizin Car Show Parade Road Closures
Res 17-61,  Bid Award- Seahorse Lake MultiUse Trail & Budget Amendment 20
Res 17-60,  Spring Jam Road Closures
Res 17-59,  UNwineD Road Closures
Res 17-58,  Emerald Coast Boat & Lifestyle Show Road Closures
Res 17-57,  Bid Award- Police Mobile Radios & Budget Amendment 16
Res 17-56, Nuisance Abatement Lien,139 N Wells St
Res 17-55, MSA Southern Earth Sciences,Task Order 2017-1,Geotechnical Test Svcs, CRA FBR Seg 2
Res 17-54, Vacant Land Acq, Nonnie Kinner, Vega Street, Grand Lagoon Sewer Project

Res 17-53, Agmt Bay Co Emergency Mgmt Notification System AlertFlorida Initiative (Alert Bay)
Res 17-52, Code Enforcement Lien, 128 Coral Drive
Res 17-51, Code Enforcement Lien, 120 Manistee Drive
Res 17-50, Edward Byrne Meml Justice Asst Grant (JAG) Acceptance, Bid Award for Police Motorcycle Comm Headsets & BA 17
Res 17-49, Vacant land Acq, Hermann & Judith Bohn,6919 S Lagoon, Grand Lagoon Sewer Project
Res 17-48, Bid Award- Kubota Tractor, Parks & Rec
Res 17-47, Ironman Gulf Coast 70.3 Triathlon Road Closures
Res 17-46, Gulf Power Lighting Agreement for Colony Club-Nautilus Connection Project
Res 17-45, Budget Amendment 11 for Property Insurance Additions
Res 17-44, PCB Fire/Rescue Mutual Aid Agreement with NSA PC
Res 17-43, Bid Award- Conservation Park Trail Stabilization 2017 Project
Res 17-42, Stormwater Firms RFQ Ranking
Res 17-41, Risk Mgmt Services Professional Svcs Agmt for Park Events
Res 17-40, PCB Mardi Gras & Music Festival Bourbon St Party & Road Closures
Res 17-39,  Use of Half Cent Sales Tax & Citizen Oversight Committee
Res 17-38,  Constitution Revision Commission Support
Res 17-37,  Edward Byrne Meml JAG Award & Budget Amendment 10 Police Radios
Res 17-36,  2017 City Recreational Facilities User Fees
Res 17-35,  Roberts & Roberts Colony Club-Nautilus Connection Project Change Order 1
Res 17-34,  Bid Award- Soil Conditioning Chemicals, Frank Brown Park
Res 17-33,  Repair of Wastewater Treatment Facility Odor Control Unit
Res 17-32,  Analysis of Existing Stormwater Non-Ad Valorem Funding Program,Update Rate Study
Res 17-31,  CRA Front Beach Road Financial Model Engagement Letter
Res 17-30,  Capital Improvement Plan Prof Svcs Agmt with ZHA & Budget Amendment 8
Res 17-29, Notice on Intent to Use Uniform Method,Nuisance Abatement Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessments      
Res 17-28, GAC Construction Site Road Closure
Res 17-27, Bid Award- Aquatic Ctr HVAC Replacement
Res 17-26, Comprehensive Traffic Enforcement Program (CTEP) Grant Award & Budget Amendment 4
Res 17-25, New Years Eve Street Party, Ball Drop, and Road Closures
Res 17-24, Prof Consult Svcs Agmt with PRMG for City Impact Fee Analysis
Res 17-23, Bid Award- Frank Brown Park Concessions Agreement
Res 17-22, Bid Award- Longleaf/Wiregrass Pine Seedlings Planting
Res 17-21, Christmas Parade Road Closures
Res 17-20, Bid Award- Wastewater Treatment Facility Influent Screens 2 & 3 Replacement
Res 17-19, Bid Award- West Bay Ground Storage Tank Repainting
Res 17-18, Colony Club Exit Road Mitigation Agreement
Res 17-17, Bid Award- Colony Club-Nautilus Connection Project and Budget Amendment 6
Res 17-16, Bid Award- 2 Police Dept ATVs and Budget Amendment 3
Res 17-15, Budget Amendment 2, Moving FY16 Expenditures to FY 17
Res 17-14, Bid Award- Lyndell Lane Conference Center Flooring
Res 17-13, Bid Award- Replacement F150 Truck for Fire/Rescue and Budget Amendment 5
Res 17-12, Hampton Inn Pedestrian Bridge Road Closure
Res 17-11, Bid Award- Parks In-Field Groomer
Res 17-10, Molly Crossing Fee Waiver Request

Res 17-09, Bid Award- Building Plans Review & Inspections
Res 17-08, Bid Award-10 Swimming Pool Covers
Res 17-07, Bid Award- Police Fleet Vehicle Equipment Install Services
Res 17-06, Bid Award- Police Fleet Vehicles
Res 17-05, Support for Safe Routes to School Grant Application
Res 17-04, Shrimp & Oyster Festival Road Closures
Res 17-03, Brew N Boo Festival Road Closures
Res 17-02, Thunder Beach Bike Show Road Closures
Res 17-01, Law Enforcement Trust Fund Purchase 2 Solar Powered Message Boards
Res 16-140, Amend Blue Cross Blue Shield Administrative Svcs Agreement
Res 16-139, Atkins NA Task Order 16, Supplemental Agreement 16, Post Design Svcs, CRA FBR Seg 2
Res 16-138, Land Purchase Dojole, Inc., to Expand Lift Station 74
Res 16-137, Appointment of Code Enforcement Hearing Officer
Res 16-136, Keystone Field Svcs Relocation Consulting Svcs Agmt, FBR CRA Seg 3
Res 16-135, Gulf Power Undergrouding Agreement, FBR CRA Seg 2
Res 16-134, Panama City Beach Marathon Road Usage
Res 16-133, Bid Award- Lyndell Lane Sidewalk Project
Res 16-132, Bid Award- CRA FBR Seg 2 Redevelopment Contract
Res 16-131, Extending Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) Registration Moratorium  
Res 16-130, Adopt Proposed FY 16-17 City Budget
Res 16-129, Amend FY 15-16 City Budget
Res 16-128, Chasin' the Sun Music Festival Road Closure
Res 16-127, Pirates of the High Seas Road Closures
Res 16-126, Shrimp & Oyster Fest Road Closures
Res 16-125, Ironman Florida Triathlon Road Usage
Res 16-124, Amend FY 15-16 CRA Agency Budget/Adopt Proposed FY16-17 CRA Agency Budget
Res 16-123, TECO Franchise Fees
Res 16-122, Parking Rates at City Lots
Res 16-121, Amendment to Aaron Bessant Park Operational Policies
Res 16-120, Appointment of City Treasurer 
Res 16-119. Ranking Firm for Front Beach Road CRA O&M Project
Res 16-118, Ranking Firms for Impact Fees

Res 16-117, Capital Plans to RFP
Res 16-116
, Bid Award- Edgewater Lift Station 9 Replacement Project
Res 16-115, Front Beach Road CRA Segment 3 Appraisals, Chandler & Associates MSA Task Order 16
Res 16-114, Front Beach Road CRA Segment 3 Buchanan & Harper MSA Task Order 1
Res 16-113, Bid Award- Livestreaming Service and Equipment
Res 16-112, Bid Award- ReRoofing Fire Station 32
Res 16-111, State Traffic Signal Maintenance & Compensation Agreement
Res 16-110, Bid Award- Caladium Circle Drainage Improvements
Res 16-109, Bid Award- Street Resurfacing Project FY16
Res 16-108, Seedlings for the Conservation Park
Res 16-107, Bid Award- Compact Track Loader with Forestry Accessories
Res 16-106, Bid Award- 31 Radio Telemetry Units (RTU) Panels
Res 16-105, Preble-Rish, Inc., Assignment to Dewberry Engineers, Inc

Res 16-104, CRA 2017 Near Term Work Plan
Res 16-103, Lake Powell Utility Turnover Agreement
Res 16-102,  PCB Fire/Rescue Aerial Truck I Repair.  Not passed.
Res 16-101,  CRI Engagement letter FY16 Annual Audit
Res 16-100, 2016-2017 Annual Stormwater Assessment Resolution 
Res 16-99. FDOT Front Beach Road CRA Segment 2 Roadway Transfer Agreement
Res 16-98. Bids- 2016 Janitorial Services & Budget Amendment 40
Res 16-97. Bids- Colony Club Lift Stations 8 & 18 Replacements
Res 16-96. Bids- 4 Wheel Drive Light Utility Vehicles Purchase
Res 16-95. Bids- Two Utility Vehicles Purchase
Res 16-94. Purchase 3 Pool Geothermal Heating/Cooling Units & Budget Amendment 41
Res 16-93. Back To School Beach Bash Road Closures
Res 16-92,White's Towing Svc contract for Year-Round Towing Services
Res 16-91, Bids- Purchase Geothermal Heating-Cooling Unit for Pool and Budget Amendment #38
Res 16-90, ENNEAD LLC 2016-2017 Stormwater Assessment Roll Update and Preparation
Res 16-89, USFA Softball Opening Ceremony Parades Road Closures

Res 16-88, Bids-Bayside Water & Wastewater Improvements Project
Res 16-87
, AT&T Phone System & Budget Amendment 33
Res 16-86, Gulf Power Easements, North Pier Park Drive
Res 16-85, Colony Club Exit Road Agreement with St. Joe
Res 16-84, Bids- City Auctioneer
Res 16-83, Support & Application for Gayle's Trails Eastern Portion SUN Grant
Res 16-82, Low Speed Vehicle Registration Regulation
Res 16-81, Bay County Tax Collector Building Lease Agreement
Res 16-80, Bids- Excise Business Tax Software
Res 16-79, Bids- PCBFD Aerial Ladder Truck Purchase & Budget Amendment 24  
Res 16-78, Settlement McMahon Lawsuit & Budget Amendment #25
Res 16-77, Grand Slam Softball Opening Ceremony Parades Road Closures
LETF Res 16-01, Purchase of 3D Laser Scanner & Accessories
Res 16-76, Super Tuesday Election Results
Res 16-75, Bids- Landscape Maintenance Services Contract
Res 16-74, Jeepin Beach Jam Parade Road Closures
Res 16-73, Bids- Toro Heavy Duty Workman Utility Vehicle, Parks
Res 16-72, Support for Shell Island
Res 16-71, Panhandle Engr MSA Task Order #2016-03, Gayle's Trails East Extension
Res 16-70, Front Beach Road Segment 1 Roadway Transfer Agreement
Res 16-69, 2016 Utility System Rate & Impact Fee Analysis Study
Res 16-68, Utility Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2016
Res 16-67, Annual Shaddai Shrine Temple Spring Ceremonial Parade
Res 16-66, 2016 Gulf Coast Triathlon Road Usage
Res 16-65, Thunder Beach Pier Park Road Closures
Res 16-64, Additional CTEP Grant and Budget Amendment #21
Res 16-63,
Bids- Repl Geothermal Pool Htg/Cooling Unit & Budget Amendment 19
Res 16-62,
2016 Edward Byrne Meml JAG Grant ATV 4-Wheel Purchase & Budget Amend 18
Res 16-61,
Budget Amendment 16, Colony Club West Road Construction
Res 16-60,
2nd Amendment to Towne of Seahaven Development Agreement
Res 16-59
, Task Order 5,Tetra Tech MSA, Conservtn Park Biological Monitoring
Res 16-58, Utilities Dept Fleet Vehicle Purchase
Res 16-57, Re-Award Ocean Reef Outfall Improvements Contract
Res 16-56, Bids- Ocean Reef Outfall Improvements
Res 16-55, Bids- Thermal Imaging Cameras Fire Dept
Res 16-54, Gulf Power Agreement for Lights at Frank Brown Park
Res 16-53, Loop Road Construction Contract
Res 16-52, Budget Amendment 15 City/County Partnership Joan Ave/S Thomas Dr Intersection Imprv
Res 16-51, Budget Amendment 14 for Fire/Rescue Bulletproof Vests Purchase
Res 16-50, MSA Panhandle Engr Profsn Engr Svcs,TO 2016-01, Lyndell Lane Sidewalk Project
Res 16-49, Street and Stormwater Depts Vehicles Purchase
Res 16-48, Bids- Shade Structure Project, Frank Brown Park
Res 16-47, Bids- Community Center Restroom Renovations, Frank Brown Park
Res 16-46, MSA Preble-Rish Profsnl Engr Svcs TO 2016-01, Colony Club Road West & BA 13 
Res 16-45, Budget Amendment #12, CTEP Grant PT-16-12
Res 16-44, Stormwater Utility Easements Purchase, Loren Smith
Res 16-43, Bids- West Bay Sewer Lift Station & Forcemain Project
Res 16-42, Budget Amendment 9 for Performance Based Pay Raises
Res 16-41, Engr Svcs Ranking for Minor Roadway,Sidewalk & Multi-Use Trail Facilities
Res 16-40, 2016 PCB Mardi Gras & Music Festival Bourbon St Party & Parade Road Closures
Res 16-39, Glades & Hombre Outfall Imprv N of 98,TO 2016-01, Preble-Rish MSA
Res 16-38, Glades S Channel Drainage Imprv,TO 2016-02,McNeil Carroll Engr MSA
Res 16-37, Hombre Cir Culvert Cleaning & Drainage Imprv,TO 2016-01,McNeil Carroll Engr MSA
Res 16-36, Sensus USA Settlement Agmt Repl Water Meters
Res 16-35, ACOM Solutions Agmt, Updating Accounting Software
Res 16-34, Budget Amendment 8 2016 Edward Byrne Meml JAG Award & Radio Purchases
Res 16-33, Bay Town Trolley Contribution Agreement
Res 16-32, Drug & Alcohol Policy
Res 16-31, Workers Comp Policy
Res 16-30, Bay County Agreement Regarding Contribution for Road Restoration,Bayside Utilities
Res 16-29, Lifeguard Tower Purchase
Res 16-28, Parks Vehicle Purchase
Res 16-27, Bids- PCBPD Equipment Purchase & Installation
Res 16-26, Bids- PCBPD Fleet Vehicles Purchase
Res 16-25, Budget Amendment 5 Receipt FDOT CTEP Grant
Res 16-24, New Years Eve Street Party, Ball Drop & Road Closures
Res 16-23, Loop Road Construction Documents
Res 16-22, Bids- Beth & Gardenia Drainage Improvements
Res 16-21, Bids- Utility Fleet Vehicles
Res 16-20, Bids- Conservation Park Trail Stabilization Project 2015
Res 16-19, Bids- Frank Brown Park/Lyndell Courts Resurfacing
Res 16-18, Colony Club Real Estate Sales Contract Budget Amendment 4
Res 16-17, Christmas Parade Road Closures
Res 16-16, Bids- Parks Double Drum Roller Purchase
Res 16-15, Extension of Pest Control Contract
Res 16-14, Budget Amendment 3 for Parks Water Heater Replacement
Res 16-13, Bayside Lift Station Land Swap
Res 16-12, Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Amendment #80
Res 16-11, Purchase of Office 365 Essential & Migration Services
Res 16-10, PCB Fire/Rescue SCBA Purchases
Res 16-09, PCB Fire/Rescue Lifepak 15 Purchases
Res 16-08, NWFL C Store Inc Real Estate Sales Contract
Res 16-07, Cancellation of Coastal Community Bank Development Agreement
Res 16-06, Approve CVB Frank Brown Park Improvements
Res 16-05, Thunder Beach Bike Show Road Closures
Res 16-04, Amend Resolution 15-21 to Confirm Intended Land Purchase from Tote Holdings, FBR Seg 2
Res 16-03, Assignment of Lease for Bay Point Water Tower Site
Res 16-02, Brew N Boo Beer Festival Road Closures
Res 16-01, Arnold High School Homecoming Parade

Res 15-144, Pelican Pointe Apartments Fee Waiver
Res 15-143, Annual Shaddai Shrine Temple Fall Ceremonial Parade
Res 15-142, 2015-2016 Budget Amendment #1 Pay Raises
Res 15-141, Lowe Settlement Agreement
Res 15-140, CRI Audit Engagement Letter
Res 15-139, Chasin' the Sun Music Festival Road Closure
Res 15-138, Pirates of the High Seas Road Closures
Res 15-137, Ratify City Clerk Employment Agreement
Res 15-136, Support for Central Panhandle Fair
Res 15-135, Supervisor of Elections Polling Place Agmts for 2016 Municipal Super Tuesday Elections
Res 15-134, Amend Aaron Bessant Park 2016 Blackout Dates
Res 15-133, Ironman Florida Triathlon Traffic Control
Res 15-132, Establishing Fiscal Year 15-16 City Budget
Res 15-131, Amending Fiscal Year 14-15 City Budget
Res 15-130, Adoption of the Amendment to FY14-15 CRA Agency Budget & Adoption of Proposed                               FY 15-16 CRA Agency Budget  
Res 15-129, Extending Scooter Registration Ban
Res 15-128, Update of Local Mitigation Plan
Res 15-127, Bids- Knuckleboom Trash Loader & Dump Body Purchase
Res 15-126, 2015-2016 Annual Stormwater Assessment Resolution
Res 15-125, Budget Amendment #37 for Leave No Trace Funding
Res 15-124, Atkins Value Engr Study Task Order 16, SA 13, Front Beach Rd Segment 2
Res 15-123, Budget Amendment 36 for Funds to Replace AC Units at Pier Facilities Hook'd
Res 15-122, Budget Amendment 35 to Recognize CVB Contribution for Soccer Goals & Team Benches
Res 15-121, Final Assessment Resolution for Nuisance Abatement Assessments
Res 15-120, Initial Assessment Resolution for Nuisance Abatement Assessments
Res 15-119, Utility System SCADA Software Upgrade
Res 15-118, Bids- Replacement of 2 6-Ton WWTP AC Systems
Res 15-117, Bids- Police Department Tasers
Res 15-116, Polling Place Agreements for 2016 Presidential Pref Primary, Primary & General Elections
Res 15-115, Back To School Beach Bash Road Closures
Res 15-114, Fire FEMA & DHS Grant for MhZ Radios, SubRecipient Agmts & Budget Amendment 29

Res 15-113, Street Resurfacing Project FY15
Res 15-112, State Hwy Lighting, Maintenance, & Comp Agreement Work Order FY 15-16 
Res 15-111, City Campus Administrative Buildings Construction Mgmt Agmt,Amendment 1
Res 15-110, HOA of the Shores Sewer Improvements Revenue Certificate
Res 15-109, Updating Fixture Values for Water/Sewer Impact Fees

Res 15-108, Dellwood Settlement Agreement
Res 15-107, USFA Softball Tournaments Opening Ceremony Parades Road Closures
Res 15-106, Update & Prep of City's 2015-16 Stormwater Assessment Roll, ENNEAD LLC
Res 15-105, Budget Amendment #33 Legal Fees
Res 15-104, HICA Agreement for Moonlight Bay at Colony Club Phase 1 Subdivision
Res 15-103, Resolution Prohibiting Scooter Registration Without Credible Evidence
Res 15-102, Resolution Defining Spring Break 2016
Res 15-101, 2015 Grand Slam Baseball World Series Tournament Opening Ceremony Parades
Res 15-100, Annual Submerged Lands Lease Wet Slip Lease Fee
Res 15-99    Beach Commerce LOMR, NOT PRESENTED TO COUNCIL
Res 15-98,  Gulf Power Storm Staging Site Agreement, Frank Brown Park
Res 15-97,  Budget Amendment 26 to Fund Police Vehicle Replacement
Res 15-96,  West Bay School Board Sign Easement & Amend Buffer Agreement
Res 15-95,  CRA 2015 TIGER Grant Application, Front Beach Road Segment 2 
Res 15-94,  Verizon Wireless Small Cell Lease Agreement, Frank Brown Park
Res 15-93,  Budget Amendment #22, Contributions from TDC for Chemicals & Parking Lot Imprv,ABP
Res 15-92,  2015-2016 FDOT Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement, Phase 2
Res 15-91,  Budget Amendment 16, Lifeguard Tower Purchase
Res 15-90,  City Campus Construction Management Agreement
Res 15-89,  Bids- Willow Trail Boardwalk Project
Res 15-88,  Updated Bay County TPO Agreement
Res 15-87,  Gulf Highlands Stormwater Hazard Mitigation FDEM Grant Modification 1
Res 15-86,  Pier Park Taste of the Beach Road Closures
Res 15-85,  Ratify & Approve Combined Mutual Aid Agreement, City of Bonifay
Res 15-84,  Emergency Funds for Spring Break 2015 & Budget Amendment #18
Res 15-83,  Hidden Lagoon Easement
Res 15-82,  Sovereignty Submerged Lands Easement, Calypso Towers Beach Outfall
Res 15-81,  Loop Road Land Conveyance
Res 15-80,  Bids- Lifeguard Tower Purchase
Res 15-79,  Uniform Services Agreement
Res 15-78,  Calypso Beach Outfall Improvements
Res 15-77,  Bids- Utility Service Vehicles Purchase
Res 15-76,  Bids- Trailer Mounted Jet Sewer Cleaner Purchase
Res 15-75,  Water Supply Facilities Work Plan Update
Res 15-74,  2015 Gulf Coast Triathlon Road Closures
Res 15-73,  Panama City Beach Marathon Road Closures
Res 15-72,  Annual Shaddai Shrine Temple Spring Ceremonial Parade
Res 15-71,  Ranking of Construction Managers for Proposed City Campus Buildings
Res 15-70,  Front Beach Road Bond Joint City-CRA Resolution
Res 15-69,  Front Beach Road Refunding Bond Resolution
Res 15-68,  Approval of Notice for Bonds
Res 15-67,  2015 Edward Byrne Memorial JAG for Emergency Warning Pkg & PA System, Budget
                   Amendment 10

Res 15-66,  Not used
Res 15-65,  Bids- Nautilus Street Lift Station 7 Replacement
Res 15-64,  Leave No Trace Bay County Interlocal Agreement
Res 15-63,  WOW Business Services Agreement Budget Amendment 9
Res 15-62,  TRIP Funding Application for Front Beach Road Segment 4.3
Res 15-61,  HICA Agreement with Jeffrey Lohman, Lohman Subdivision
Res 15-60,  PCBPD 2015 Spring Break Addl Security & Budget Amendment 11
Res 15-59,  HICA Agreement with St Joe, Breakfast Point Phase 2- Never Presented to Council
Res 15-58,  HICA with St. Joe for Breakfast Point, Phase 3
Res 15-57,  WOW Business Services Agreement for Aaron Bessant Park WiFi
Res 15-56,  Bids- Genie Telehandler Forklift for Parks & Rec
Res 15-55,  Bids- 175 Gallon Self Contained Boom Sprayer, Parks & Rec
Res 15-54,  Bids- Rotary Mower for Parks & Rec 
Res 15-53,  License Agmt Wetlands Delineation Study Access with St. Joe, Glades Stormwater
Res 15-52,  Ratify Grass Cutters 2015 Renewal Landscaping Agreement
Res 15-51,  Ratify Operational Assistance Agreements with BCSO & WCSO
Res 15-50
,  Glades Stormwater Basin Wetland Delineation Services
Res 15-49,  Plat Review Fee Schedule
Res 15-48,  Gulf Highlands Stormwater Hazard Mitigation Project, Phase 1

Res 15-47,  Election to Use Uniform Method to Collect Nuisance Abatements Non- Ad Valorem
                    Special Assessments 

Res 15-46,  Bids- Police Vehicle Purchase
Res 15-45,  Bids- City Auctioneer
Res 15-44,  First Amendment Holiday Resort Dev Agmt, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-43,  2015 Mardi Gras & Music Festival Bourbon Str Party, Parade & Road Closures
Res 15-42,  Salary Study Salary Adjustments Budget Amendment 7
Res 15-41,  Bids- Alf Coleman Resurfacing & Sidewalk Project
Res 15-40,  Calling for Public Hearing for Uniform Method to Collect Non-Ad Val Assessments Notice of
                    Intent to Use Uniform Method of Collecting Non- Ad Valorem Assessments

Res 15-39,  Ratification Interlocal Agmt PGIT Amphitheater Facilities Insurance
Res 15-38,  Holiday Resort (Hilton) Development Agreement, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-37,  Assistant City Attorney Rate
Res 15-36,  Conservation Park Biological Monitoring, Tetra Tech MSA Task Order 4
Res 15-35,  Bids- Police Department Motorola Radios
Res 15-34,  Long Beach Community Assn ROW Real Estate Sales Contract, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-33,  2015 Parks & Recreation Scholarships
Res 15-32,  2015 Spring Break Towing Agreement
Res 15-31,  Bids- Fire Department UTV Purchase
Res 15-30,  Bids- Fire Department 2015 Ford Explorer
Res 15-29,  John Deere 310SK Loader Backhoe Purchase
Res 15-28,  Salary Study
Res 15-27,  Engr Svcs- West Bay Lift Station & Force Main Project
Res 15-26,  Engr Svcs- Water System Hydraulic Model
Res 15-25,  Engr Svcs- Edgewater Lift Station #9 Replacement
Res 15-24,  Bids- 2015 Conservation Park Longleaf/Wiregrass Seedling Planting
Res 15-23,  Bids- 2015-16 Conservation Park Prescribed Fire Services
Res 15-22,  Bids- 5100 John Deere Tractor & Flex Wing Purchase
Res 15-21,  Tote Holdings (Tommy Cooley) ROW Real Estate Sales Contract, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-20,  Edgewater Beach Resort Mgmt ROW Real Estate Sales Contract, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-19,  Long Beach Resort Mgmt ROW Real Estate Sales Contract, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-18,  Dissolution of Safe Kids Special Revenue Fund & Budget Amendment 4
Res 15-17,  Gulf Power Underground Conversion Agreement, FBR Seg 2
Res 15-16,  New Year's Eve Street Party, Ball Drop & Road Closings
Res 15-15,  Beach Club Motel Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Contract
Res 15-14,  Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Award Purchases & Budget Amendment 2
Res 15-13,  Golf Cart Crossing Permit Application, Nautilus/PCB Parkway
Res 15-12,  Membership West FL Regional Planning Council (WFRPC) & Budget Amendment 1
Res 15-11,  Biggest Loser RunWalk 2014 Road Usage
Res 15-10R, Bids- Police Department Fleet Vehicle Purchases
Res 15-09,  Amendment 1, FDOT Traffic Signal Maintenance Agmt, Phase 2, FY 15
Res 15-08,  Sewer Rates Revision
Res 15-07,  West Bay Lift Station Deed Amendment
Res 15-06,  AT&T Contract T1 Line
Res 15-05,  Establishing an Audit Committee
Res 15-04,  Ironman Florida IronKids Fun Run Road Closures
Res 15-03,  Bay Economic Development Alliance (EDA) Annual Membership Dues
Res 15-02,  Christmas Parade Road Closures
Res 15-01,  Bids- Parks Perennial Blend Rye Grass Seed Purchase & Application

NOTE: These are only Resolutions starting 10/1/14.  If you need information about earlier Resolutions, please contact Jo Smith, Deputy City Clerk, at (850) 233-5100, ext 2230 or


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