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About the Community

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Beach Aerial View 

Panama City Beach is a city located in Bay County, Florida along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The community is in the Central Standard Time zone. 

Panama City Beach is a home-rule City with a Council-City Manager form of government. The City was incorporated in 1977 and the City Charter was adopted in 1978. The City Council is made up of five (5) members, a Mayor and  four (4) council members, one council member from each of the four (4) wards. The Mayor and council members are elected at-large. 

City Services 
Panama City Beach provides the incorporated and unincorporated area of the beach with a wide range of urban services including: parks and recreation, potable water, reuse water, sanitary sewer, and road maintenance (Note: Reuse water and sanitary sewer are not available in all areas. Road maintenance is provided only within the incorporated areas). 

The majority of Panama City Beach residents are served by Bay County Public Schools. Panama City Beach has one (1) high school, one (1) middle school, one (1) K-8 school, and one (1) elementary school all located within the city limits. 

Population and Housing 
Panama City Beach's population in 2014 is estimated to be 12,191 permanent residents but increases to a peak daily population of approximately 100,000 in July. 

Business Facts

  • Panama City Beach has a full-time employment base of approximately 12,000 jobs
  • Approximately 4,000 jobs are within the retail and personal service sectors
  • 3,408 acres of land are zoned for industrial or commercial use
  • 4,827 acres of land are zoned for conservation use
  • 467 acres of land are zoned for recreational use